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Going To Infinity And Beyond To Keep Our “Family” Healthy


Infinity Health & Performance:

With 3 locations for your convenience:

  1. the DONECKER’S building (333 N State Street EPHRATA)
  2. Franklin & Marshall (LANCASTER)
  3. Mobile Medical Office

And the most convenient our MOBILE Services (WE BRING Health/Fitness/Medical to you in out RV or HUMVEE)

Going to Infinity and Beyond to Keep our “Family” Healthy

Infinity Fitness: Training, Small Groups, Large Groups, or you set up your own group and we train you at one of our locations or we bring the class/workouts to you

INFINITY BOTOX: Cost is $12/unit administered by our MD or PA who have over 30 years of experience in the medical field. MOBILE-$15/unit. Group rates available.

INFINITY HYDRATION: We offer tier pricing for this service. For Basic Hydration, FLU Prevention, Performance-vitamins/minerals.
  • $59 for an in office IV administered by our MD, PA or CMA.
  • MOBILE Unit Administration: $135 for 1 person
  • MOBILE UNIT Group rates:
    • 2 – 4 people: $99 per person
    • 5 – 9 people: $79 per person
    • 10+ people: $59 per person
Contact for more information.
We offer tier pricing for our spray tanning service.
  • $40 for an in office session
  • MOBILE Unit Administration: $60 for 1 person
  • MOBILE UNIT Group rates are available
Contact for more information.
Personal Training (one on one): $60/hour with CPT, Coach, Physical Therapist, MEd, MS
Groups: with CPT, Coach, MEd or MS Trainer, Physical Therapist
  • 2-4 people $80 / hour
  • 5-10 people $100/hour
  • 11 + $120/hour
Or WORKOUTS DELIVERED — we bring the class/workouts to your location
1 on 1
2-4 People
5-10 people
6-10 MILES

TRACKFIT: @ F&M  Track. This class is a combination of traditional track workouts and a bootcamp. Cardiovascular health, strength, strength endurance, flexibility will all be increased by attending this class.

Cost is $50 per month for 8 sessions/ month

BOXFIT: @ EMPOWER GYM. Classes are limited to 10 people. This is a combination of traditional boxing classes combined with strength endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

Cost is $100 a month for 8 classes per month.

FMT (FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING-ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE TRAINING): Classes are limited to 10 people. This class improves a person or team’s overall athletic performance on the field, or in life.  Dynamic Warm Ups, Olympic Lifts, Static Lifts, Plyometrics, Skill Work, Core Work, Conditioning.

$100 per month for 8 sessions per month.

Team rates are available upon request.

SPEED/AGILITY TRAINING @ FM TRACK: This class improves speed and agility by using dynamic warm ups, form running drills, agility drills, plyometrics, Speed and Overspeed Training, Strength Endurance, PNF stretching.

Cost is $50 per month for 8 sessions/ month.

DISTANCE RUNNING TRAINING: (5K – MARATHONS) Up to 30 people can attend. This class is for anyone wishing to run a faster 5k race up to a Marathon. Organized workouts designed to improve your times.  Non supervised workouts are given for the other days of training.

Cost is $50 per month for 8 sessions/ month

INFIT HIT CLASSES: up to 20 people can attend these classes.  Classes are never the same… HIT Circuits, Barbell Work, Bodyweight Exercises, etc… From Beginners to advanced levels everyone will get a great overall workout that will improve all aspects of fitness. Classes are held @ EMPOWER GYM OR EPHRATA.  

Cost is $100 a month for 8 classes per month.

YOGA: The classes will vary each week and the instructor will tailor classes to the specific needs of the class.

Cost is $100 a month for 8 classes per month

Health/Fitness Testing and Evaluations: Body Fat Analysis, Measurements, BMI, Blood Pressure, Weight, VO2 Max Test, Flexibility Test, Balance Test, Strength Test, Cardiovascular Test, Strength Endurance Test.

Cost is $100 for all tests and evaluations.

MOBILE COST IS: $150 within 5 miles, $200 6-10 miles.

Nutrition Programs and Presentations by members of our staff/resources.
  • Personal Plans: $150 – $500 
  • Group Presentations: $500 for 3 hours
  • Extended Group Presentations: $1000 for 6 hours
PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATION: Classes taught by our staff through a National Company (AAAI/ISMA) Certification lasts 2 years and if you pass, you are certified personal trainer.  
Cost is $99 (need at least 15 people to have the 8 hour class) Even if you do not want to be a personal trainer, the class is very educational. 
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